Monday, June 17, 2019

The Weirdcrawl Approachs

Whitehack is pretty flexible when it comes to what it can run and I've had Yoon-suin on the mind...

Yoon-suin is already a weird and wild setting, but I wanted to make it a tad more gonzo and throw in hyper-intelligent sleeping god-machines and have a good excuse for opium dealing slug-people and confused Norman knights from the past to team up to take down mummified monks of Chaos from the Moon Mountains with the railgun they found on the beach.

Basically, I mashed together Yoon-suin and Silent Titans and threw it on a nice handout for my players.

I really want to run this as a hexcrawl in the coming months once my summer games wrap up. I might add more to it, like converting the avatars from Silent Titans and listing out some cool artifacts from the past and future. 

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