Friday, July 5, 2019

Troika! - Mucking about in the Gardens of Ynn

I recently picked up The Gardens of Ynn, a point-crawl adventure set in an ever-shifting extradimensional garden. Aside from pillaging it for my other games, I really wanted to use it as a weird sphere in Troika! But first, a background based off the Ynnian Changeling class and some converted critters.

New Background: Ynnian Changeling 

You've been marooned in the Gardens for quite some time. Perhaps you were a foolhardy adventurer or inquisitive gardener. Perhaps you wandered here as a child and have known nothing else. Trapped here in the Garden for so long, you've adapted to your new home a little too well and aren't entirely human anymore. On the bright side you're aren't entirely a strange vampiric fey yet! It's just that your tongue is forked and your skin is a tad pale (or is it mint green?). Your ears are a little more pointed, your limbs too long, and your hair is now a brilliant color. Your voice even seems to have an undertone of birdsong. And who knows how alien your physiology has truly become on the inside.


  • Hooked Nails & Numerous Needle Teeth (Damage as Knife)
  • Book of gardening techniques, poetic ramblings and strange doodles in the margins
  • Garden Tools and a Rusty Rake (Damage as Staff)
  • Worn Clothes, covered with growths of vines and flowers. +2 to Sneak rolls in vegetation.
  • Butterfly Wings (+1 Fly) or Strange Eyes (+4 Second Sight)


  • 4 Language - Birdsong
  • 3 Gardening
  • 2 Claw Fighting
  • 2 Sneak
  • 2 Forage
  • 1 Climb
  • 1 Staff Fighting
You don't recover Stamina by eating a Provision - instead you may consume a mouthful of blood (about 1d6 Stamina from any willing or unwilling volunteers) at most 3 times per day to recover an equivalent amount of Stamina. 

You cannot recover Stamina in sunlight but recover twice as effectively in darkness and are severely allergic to iron and holy objects. You take double damage from such sources and take damage while touching or carrying such objects. Don't even try to go on holy ground.  

If you are reduced to negative Stamina, instead of dying you are transformed into a patch of flowers or mushrooms growing where your body falls. Regain 1 Stamina twice per day (sunrise and sunset) until you are fully healed. You return to flesh when your Stamina is fully recovered or blood soaks into the ground you're growing in. A stake in the heart prevents this and freezes you at 0 Stamina until it is removed. Churning up the soil you're growing in destroys you forever.

White Apes 

Skill: 7,  Stamina: 9, Initiative: 2, Damage as Modest Beast

  1. Lazy
  2. Aggressive
  3. Feasting
  4. Hungry
  5. Territorial
  6. Crafty

Four armed albino apes with carnivorous tendencies. Having long gone feral, they carve out their territory with markings of dung and mutilated corpses turned grisly trophy. Not quite as smart as a human but they are familiar enough with crude tools and barbarism.

Clockwork Lawnmower 

Skill: 9,  Stamina: 15, Initiative: 1, Armour 2, Damage as Large Beast

  1. Malfunctioning
  2. Stuck
  3. Sparking
  4. Dormant
  5. Rampaging
  6. Mowing

Clanking and shuddering, these huge machines of steel lurche through the gardens using their whirling blades to trim the lawns. Their mindless nature often means that more than grass gets caught in their wild blades. 

Special: Takes twice as much damage from electricity but only half as much from fire.

Parasitic Wasp

Skill: 5,  Stamina: 5, Initiative: 2, Damage as Small Beast

  1. Collecting
  2. Attacking
  3. Hunting
  4. Nesting
  5. Patrolling
  6. Swarming

A predatory insect about a long as a your forearm. These vile creatures reproduce by laying eggs in an unfortunate living host. 

Special: Anyone stung by a wasp must test their Luck (or Skill for Enemies) or become paralyzed for 1d6 turns. Rather than stinging, the wasp can lay eggs inside its victim, allowing their larvae to eat them alive. They must Test their Luck (or Skill for Enemies) or lose 1 Stamina a turn (1d6 if paralyzed) for 1d6 turns. At the end of this duration, if they are dead, their body splits as a new wasp bursts forth. Otherwise, they have fought off the parasitic larvae which perishes within them. 

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