Monday, July 8, 2019

Troika! - Shuffling around the Stygian Library

Ynn was so cool, I just had to take a look at The Stygian Library as a sphere in Troika! It's always nice when the methods of getting around the spheres are just as interesting as the destinations. Here's a new background and some beasties.

New Background: Mummified Sage

You're a professor and esteemed scholar. Or at least, you were. Exactly where you taught and even what subject are long forgotten trivialities since you discarded your mortality and life by venturing into the Library. Who knows what would motivate you to do such a thing, but since then you've spent many mortal lifetimes researching and gathering esoteric knowledge and interesting trivia. 


  • Fresh Change of Wrappings
  • 2d6 of your Favorite Books and Scrolls
  • Ragged Robes
  • Bootstrap with a Particularly Beefy Tome (Damage as Club)


  • 3 Speed Reading
  • 2 Astrology
  • 2 Mathmology
  • 2 Pedagogy
  • 1 Evaluate
  • 1 Book Fighting
You're not quite alive but you're not quite undead either. You don't need to breath or circulate blood. You take double Damage from Silver Weapons but recover Stamina as normal. 

You can read any written language. Your speaking skills are quite rusty though and leave much to be desired, most likely due to an millenia or two since you last held a decent conversation.

Due to the breadth of your studies you may Test your Luck to identify otherwise mysterious things encountered, such as unknown creatures, forgotten artefacts, unexplored locales, undocumented diseases, little-known historical figures, unseen art, etc. However, your knowledge on the practical and mundane pales in comparison.


Skill: 7,  Stamina: 7, Initiative: 2, Damage as Unarmed

  1. Furtive
  2. Furtive
  3. Repairing
  4. Restoring
  5. Furtive
  6. Furtive
If the party is sufficiently destructive or rowdy in the Library, replace Furtive with Hostile.

Palid faces look out from voluminous robes as they scurry between the bookshelves. Once academics, their extended stay has warped them into the diminutive and emaciated keepers of the Library. Never tiring, never resting, they make sure the sheol computer is working and that the everything is as it should be in the endless depths of the Library.

Librarians are immune to any mind-controlling effect that would interfere with their work.

If hidden behind a bookshelf, a Librarian may teleport to any other bookshelf in the Library as if there was no intervening space, so long as the start and end points are both unobserved.

Libraries all know the Jolt Spell. Depending on their order they know additional spells. Some suggestions include:

  1. Red Order - Breach, Levitate
  2. Yellow Order - Amity, True Seeing
  3. Black Order - Affix, Fear
  4. Grey Order - Exorcism, Posthumous Vitality 
  5. White Order - Invisibility, Undo

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